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Welcome to the online shopping service site of Zhong Hua International Trading B.V.
, you can visit the website’ most of the contents, without being required to provide any personal information. When you purchase goods on this site, Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. will need certain information in order to be able to provide you shipping and related after-sales service. The following privacy policy is designed to help you understand how I-V to use and to protect your personal information.

Users (personal) data of the collection
Any mandatory information Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. required on this website will be marked with an * or similar symbols. Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. may also ask you to fill in to provide additional (non-mandatory ) information in order to enhance customer understanding, or customization of the marketing activities. You are free to choose whether to provide additional information.

Users (personal) data of the disclosure
Your information you provided will be handled in careful and safe manners,Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. will neither sell nor rent  to any other person. Your personal information provided  on this website is for personal identification purpose, besides this, Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. or/and  its affiliates also reserve the right of combining your personal information with third parties collect information, for the purpose of customization of the marketing activities.

Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. is committed
in protecting your personal information, not allowing third parties using your information provided to I-V without your permission. Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. will take the appropriate security mechanisms, technologies and internal procedures, to preserve the security of personal information and prevent unauthorized access behavior. In some cases, Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. will use industry-standard SSL and Set mechanism to ensure data transmission security.

The maintenance and management of customer data
Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. for any reason, at any time,
reserves the right of by its unilateral decision to delete or remove customer information from the site, or the right to suspend or terminate the customer to use part or all of the website content, and does not require prior notice.

Contact Information
If you have any question regarding your information held by Zhong Hua International Trading B.V., or the privacy policy above, please contact Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. by email or by phone.