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About Us

Zhong Hua International Trading B.V. (Zhong Hua Chinese Medical Centre) is a Chinese medical collective of out-patient, research, import and export of Chinese medicine as a whole.

We are adhering to the "Your health is our main concern", principle and desire to help people who entrust TCM. Our city of Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands is also one of the traffic hinges of the country. In recent years, our trademark, the "Zhong Hua brand", proprietary Chinese medicines meet the GMP production standards.

We specialize in more than 150 different forms of tablets/pills, more than 80 types of high concentrated granulates, more than 450 kinds of Chinese herbs with superior vacuum packing and over 10 different sizes of CE certified needles. "Zhong Hua brand" medicine and products, all kinds of acupuncture supplies have been all over Europe. Especially in Germany, France, Italy and other countries, we have already built up a mature and stable customer base. At present, our company has become one of the most powerful and influencing Chinese medicine centre in Europe.