Lanzhou Foci

Foci Medical Group, formerly known as Lanzhou Foci pharmaceutical factory, was approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Lanzhou government to complete the corporate restructuring in April 2018 due to the needs of group operation and development, it was renamed as “Gansu Foci Pharmaceutical Industry Development Group Co., Ltd” in October of the same year.
At present, the company has developed into a key enterprise in the traditional Chinese medicine industry in northwest China, which integrates the cultivation and processing of traditional Chinese herbs, the research and development of natural medicines and health care products, the production and sales of modern TCM dosage forms and health food.

Foci pharmaceutical has 90 years of pharmaceutical history and is the “Chinese time-honored” enterprises, founded in 1929 in Shanghai, moved to Lanzhou in 1959. In the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine development, Foci pharmaceutical has maintained the “five firsts”: the first enterprise to implement the industrial production of Traditional Chinese Medicine; The first company to produce Traditional Chinese Medicine in western method and invented Concentrated Pills; The first joint-stock company of pharmaceutical enterprise in China; The first export enterprise of Traditional Chinese Medicine; The first Traditional Chinese Medicine production enterprise pass the GMP certification of China.

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Lanzhou Foci 90 years